Between the beginning and the end, between the finite and the infinite, between the Earth and the void, our mortality lingers, and death bears itself as the ultimate answer to an unknown question. Within this purgatorial threshold between two doorways, performer Lynn Barr bravely explores this dangerous and numinous space with unflinching candor not long after the real-life death of her husband of over 50 years, a composer whose music plays as a final requiem as she now faces her own inevitable expiration. As she seeks comfort in the familiar and palpable light around her, outside pedestrian audience members are invited to redirect her path and manipulate the gateway that beseeches her, before she ultimately surrenders to the darkness that beckons her, transcending the truth of what it means to be alive amidst the nascency of divine fright and awe. Perhaps the answers are not in the light that illuminates our world with clarity, but in the macabre dialogue we initiate between the world known and void unknown.