There is an existential inquiry at the heart of each experience I design. 
My intention is to awaken ourselves to the vastness of our own emotional landscape, to seek out the sources of fear that disengage us from one another and recalibrate one’s spiritual compass of truth.  
To achieve this heightened sensibility, I integrate my roots as a filmmaker with various aesthetic principles of performance, sculpture, interactive installation, neuroscience and more to better shape a Neo-Narrative that aims to reveal the story of each viewer and facilitate a question that was never asked before, one with an answer that can only be found within an individual who is eager to seek it.
Although my vocabulary of images and concepts can perhaps be unsettling, I believe that which discomforts us can often break the walls we hide behind, and transform them into an unexpected gateway toward what we truly value, illuminating new pathways of thinking, being and becoming… 

Brian Gonzalez (aka Taxiplasm) graduated from the School of Visual Arts as the winner of Outstanding Cinematography Class of 2009 and has garnered accolades with film, performance, and installation, from Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Art Basel Miami Beach, NADA Art Fair, Lincoln Center’s Dance On Camera, NYC’s Armory Arts Week, Cutlog Art Fair and more, along with residencies at The Robert Wilson Watermill Center for Performance, The Standard, and the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

His video painting series “Stasis” was also screened as a 20-screen video installation for Times Square’s Midnight Moment, the largest coordinated effort by sign operators in history. Gonzalez has also created multi-disciplinary video works with Untitled Magazine, Atlantic Records, Chimera Music and more, while working to develop multi-sensory interactive experiences that bring us closer to personal catharsis. Gonzalez is also a guest lecturer at Stanford University and is a professor of Immersive Storytelling at the School of Visual Arts.