Part immersive performance, part luxury salon, designed to dismantle our preconceptions of beauty and meet our most unique animal selves, and set them free. A RIPENING Incarnation.

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A glimpse into the world of Salon des Sauvages, this virtual reality performance experience unleashes the wrath and sensuality of the inner femine beast, coming out to conquer our superficial selves. A RIPENING Incarnation.

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Renzo Vitale / Disorders

An intimate audio/visual odyssey through the mental landscape of composer and collaborator, Dr. Renzo Vitale, mining the multitudes of our fears and joys upon the release of his third album, Disorders.

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A Virtual Reality trilogy that put us in the center of three different natural disasters, dwarfed by colossal shifts that push us toward an unlikely Sublime experience, one just as beautiful as it is terrifying.