In collaboration with artist and composer Dr. Renzo Vitale, ‘Tell Me Your Secrets’ is an interactive sound installation and performance experience leading us to reconcile with our most vulnerable selves. TMYS was commissioned in 2014 by the P3 Studio at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in partnership with Art Production Fund and co-produced by Contaminate.

Nature speaks and experience translates. 
Yet we falsely subscribe to a belief that the admission 
of these truths will render us weak.

‘Tell Me Your Secrets’ is a somatic quest to abandon this notion, to unlock and reveal these deeper truths which hallmark our identity. 
Amidst a blackened space, microphones invite the audience to vulnerably share their untold tales, and the more you give, the more it gives back. 
Through a complex algorithm, one’s voice merges with others, expanding upon a five-hour musical score that filters through two mirrored chambers, one which summons your body, and opens the threshold toward revelation.

But you are not alone in this quest. 
There is an Other.

Throughout the residency, each artist surrenders himself for five consecutive hours inside two identical black pyramid chambers, each lined with color-changing LED lights breathing like a pulse, to physically and sonically experience and reinterpret the collecting voices from the previous day, to additively morph the experience into a vast ocean of voices, expanding into a newfound physical makeup, an image of a secret humanity, long lost in its volatile quest for meaning, hiding behind our many walls and beneath our many mirrors.

Step inside.

It is the doorway between your words and your voice, your face and your reflection, your pain and your catharsis. 
Your truth, and mine.

It is the purity of time, to listen, to feel, to repudiate a world that judges with fear, and numinously expand the one that emboldens our fragility, and strengthens our humanity.

Original prototype conceived and developed in collaboration with artist Gemma Fleming, musician Renzo Vitale, architect David Irwin and designer James Donovan.